Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TTD contest update

Wow lots of blogging today - I didn't want the Trash the Dress contest to get buried under all these posts.

Send your entries to - ttdcontest@gmail.com - I know I have had some amazing brides in the past few years and I would love to see more of you enter the contest! Basically since there are 5 photographers involved we just want to see you, see your dress, and maybe a little story about you to show your adventurous personality.

We have some really fun contestants so far and I can't wait to see more. We will be accepting entries for the next few weeks. The photoshoot will most likely be on Sunday May 11th, and of course it will be at no cost to the winners. We are trying to work it out so we can rent a room where the girls can get ready - and possibly even have a hair/makeup person there to get you photo-ready. So yeah, this is going to be great!

Anniversary Photography

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and the idea has kind of been running around in my head. The "anniversary dance" at weddings is one of my favorite parts of the reception - I always always get emotional seeing the couples dancing, couples who have been married 40 or 50+ years. Many times the love between clearly shows, even after all those years together.

So this got me thinking - why should newlyweds have all the fun and get all these fabulous photos together, laughing, holding hands, in love. And I realized that I really want to photograph older couples who really have been through it all.

Do you know how your grandparents met? How they fell in love? What their wedding was like? What advice they have for young people just getting married?

I want to hear their story, and make them a beautiful book of photos and stories, that will be treasured for generations to come. This is what photography is all about, really - preserving a part of your family history, capturing a love story that really stood the test of time - oh boy ... I'm getting kind of choked up just writing this!

I could do these sessions on weekday afternoons, and I will gladly photograph the couple in their own home. Please contact me if you would like to give this gift to a couple who is celebrating many years together.

Something new!

I saw these little cards in a magazine and just knew I had to have them. From now on they will be included in all wedding packages - your photos, turned into 100 cards just slightly larger than a stick of gum - with your online proof album information on the back. You can give these away, or keep them, make collages on your fridge or stick them ... anywhere really! How cute are they!?


I had my first boudoir session of 2008 this past Sunday and it was so much fun!

We shot at Clinton Street B&B in Philadelphia, and Lina of Makeup by Lina did a great job on the girls' hair and makeup.

*photos from boudoir sessions are never published on the blog or anywhere without client permission*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The big announcement!

Here is your chance to experience Trash The Dress in a very unique way. I am getting together a group of 5 local photographers and a videographer to put their talents together and do a session in/around Philadelphia early this summer. The date and exact location is still being worked out. We are specifically looking for a really interesting urban area with some great architecture and a really green natural area as well – maybe incorporate parts of old city, Fairmount Park and the Art Museum – the possibilities are endless!! We are going to personally scope out some areas and find the perfect location.

And don't worry about destroying your gown – a “trash the dress” session just for the sake of getting it dirty and gross and ruined - is not what this is about. This is really about getting one more chance to get really artistic, creative and fun photos in your wedding dress, creating some new memories - why should you only wear it once?? And your dress will only get as “trashed” as you want it to!

Does this all sound good to you? Tell us why you would be the perfect candidate. We are looking for the most adventurous brides that LOVE getting photographed and will go along with pretty much any idea we might come up with! Send your story and photos to ttdcontest@gmail.com We want to see your dress, and also photos that show how comfortable you are in front of the camera. (one entry per person please!)

We will accept entries until the end of March. I'm sure we will get a lot of amazing contestants so it will take a few weeks to pick our winners, and we are going to pick 1-3 brides to experience the photo shoot and receive a disc of high-resolution images from each photographer. Winners will be announced in April, and we are hoping to do the session on a Sunday in May– specifics are still being worked out, and I already have some amazing and talented people involved with this and as we all put our heads together it is getting more interesting by the minute!! Without a doubt this will be a really amazing day!

Send entries now to ttdcontest@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse tonight!

I missed most of it, way too cloudy over here - but I was able to get one quick shot!

Lori and Jim's wedding

I wanted to post some more from Lori and Jim's wedding from last month, and I thought these collages were a cool way to display some of my favorites

Bridal Preparation




Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Image of the day - Jessica and Evan

This is actually one of my favorites from Jessica and Evan's wedding almost 2 years ago! I have recently been in touch with Jessica because she's a wedding planner and she is sending clients my way (thanks Jessica!!) and I was looking through their photos and remembered how much fun I had at their wedding.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Trash the Dress

Ooh I have some exciting news coming up about "Trash-the-dress"

I'm working on something really cool .. the gears are turning... look for an announcement soon! :)

In the meantime check out the new and improved Trash the Dress site and don't forget to vote for your favorites in the Sepia contest!!

Some availability

I'm feeling much better today!! Rest is really the best medicine.

Also over this weekend I got some news about two weddings being either postponed or cancelled due to some unfortuante circumstances. So I wouldn't mind filling the spots if possible.

The weekends of May 2nd, and June 20th, of 2008 - are now open for either a wedding or a group boudoir session.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Gotta love flu season

So I guess the little mini-colds that I was fighting in January were just a preview. On Wednesday I started to feel a cold coming on AGAIN and decided to finally go to the doctor - and I must have just picked up more germs from the doctor's office. Thursday I woke up with full-blown flu - fever, body aches, crazy sore throat, the whole deal! I haven't felt that bad in YEARS. I literally have not even had a cold in probably 3-4 years prior to this winter. Everyone is getting hit really hard this year from what I've been hearing. It stinks! These crazy weather changes etc. are just really messing with everyone.

I am feeling a little better today, just getting some more rest, hopefully this is really the END of it.

If you had emailed or called me in the past day or two, please bear with me, I'll be catching up with everything this weekend and you will hear back from me!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amy and Mike's Album

I just wanted to share another album that just arrived today and is on its way to Amy and Mike- this is a contemporary matted style album in grey glove leather.

Ah! I'm speechless!

Nicole Atkins has one of my photos as her main Myspace photo! WOOHOO!! This was taken at her show at Maxwells in Hoboken.

p.s. her next show is tomorrow night at Algonquin Arts in Manasquan!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One more for today - The Men!

Image of the Day - The Kiss

Monday, February 11, 2008

Image of the Day - The Dress

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kim and Karl's Reception

Summit Catering really put on a great reception last night at the Collingswood Ballroom and I just wanted to share a few more photos from the wedding.

Karl's mom was all smiles dancing with her son

Kim dancing with her dad

view from the upper level

I loved these centerpieces!!

Kim and Karl spotted me taking pictures from the upper level

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kim and Karl - February 9, 2008

I just got home from Kim and Karl's wedding at the beautiful Collingswood Ballroom - it was so much fun, so high energry, the dance floor was full all night!

I wanted to just post a couple of "teasers" - more to come soon.

Thanks Kim, Karl, your family and friends for an awesome day!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have several videographers that I recommend on a regular basis - their contact information is listed under "Favorite Vendors" if you scroll down on this page. I really value videography and I appreciate the great work these companies are doing.

And today I have added a new link. As a person who really likes things a little "different", I really enjoyed looking at these vintage style wedding films - and I think you will too - Well Spun Weddings

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Help me do some research

As I said before this time of year is a time to update and renew everything including looking into expanding my advertising. Before I make any major decisions, I would like to ask how you found your wedding photographer - and other vendors - in the form of the poll to the right. I thought, what better way to find this out than from actual brides?

I actually found my wedding photographer, Patricia Goya, completely by chance - I did a Google image search on the word "bride", and one of her photos came up, and I just loved the image, and loved the rest of her website, and booked her pretty much immediately - and yep, I love my wedding photos!

How about you? Did your venue coordinator play a big part in helping you select vendors like photo/video/dj, etc? Did you have a wedding planner? Was it a magazine or online ad? Did you rely mainly on recommendations of recently married friends?

If my poll is missing your answer feel free to leave a comment here.

Thank you so much for your participation.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wedding Wire

Brides value the opinion of other brides. If you are one of my past brides (or boudoir clients, or portrait session clients), I would truly appreciate it if you could review my services at Wedding Wire.

Wedding Wire offers a gift if you review 5 of your vendors. I am also offering a gift as a thank-you for taking the time out to sign up and post a review - contact me for more info :)

Thank you!!

Click here to post your review!