Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting to know you

One of my favorite things is when I really feel connected to my clients. The more I know about you and your personality and style, the more comfortable you will be with me on your wedding day. It's easier for me too because I'll know exactly what kind of photos you're looking for. I love it when I leave a wedding feeling like I just spent the day with friends.

So, this is where the engagement sessions come in, they are always so much fun and such a great window into the two of you as a couple. And since right now pretty much everyone has a blog, it's even easier to get to know my clients. So, if you have a blog or wedding website, a Myspace or a Facebook page, send it to me or leave it here as a comment. This goes out to the guys, too. Us wedding vendors usually communicate so much with the brides but don't really get to know the grooms. It would be great to read what you're both all about so I'm not a stranger on your wedding day!

I actually just signed up on Facebook tonight... but I don't know how to link to it so look me up!

Audrey and Jonathan - a few more

Between the ceremony and reception, we had a few minutes before cocktail hour started and we were all done with photos, so the bridal party, my assistant and I, and the bride and groom all hung out in the bridal suite for a little bit. This was so cute - Audrey and Jon practiced their first dance.

Also, this was nice, we got to ride in the limo with the bride and groom after the ceremony - and Audrey took a little nap on Jon's shoulder.

And here are a few of my faves from the "portrait" part of the day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As my move gets closer things are really getting crazy but I should have tomorrow and Thursday to finish most of the remaining boudoir sessions and Audrey and Jon's wedding, so if you're waiting for your b-pix, you will get an email from me tomorrow!

Also if you are waiting for boudoir albums - everything has been ordered and should arrive Thursday the latest - I will keep you posted.

Thursday afternoon we will be traveling to PA and putting down a deposit on our new place!! We are deciding between two places right now. One is in downtown Doylestown and one is in Lansdale. I'm slowly trying to get to know the area. So we are going to take one final look and make a decision, and I'm really looking forward to it, it will be a huge relief to have that done!

Making such a huge life-changing move is right on up there with wedding planning when it comes to the stress level. So, all of you brides-to-be, I feel your pain.

So, any votes?? Lansdale or Doylestown??

My poor fat cat

My cat Tommy endured a vet visit today, so I thought that deserved a blog post. He's been a little off and it was time for his yearly visit anyway. So he had his yearly vaccinations, and also a "Senior Wellness" checkup, bloodwork etc - because he's an old boy and he's been showing some symptoms of feline diabetes. Hopefully he's alright - I wanted to get him checked before our move! He has been sneaking the dog food whenever he gets a chance (SO bad for him), and I'm realizing that this photo is actually quite slimming. I found out today Tommy is 16.5 pounds. Oof.

The dog was relieved it was not his turn today (he went a few weeks ago), and he happily accepted a "boop" on the nose.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Polka dots!

This weekend we did some pinup-themed photos mixed in with traditional boudoir at yesterday's session. Polka dots and cute shoes, yay!!!

And I can't get away from the vintage look

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nicole and Michael - Beach Engagement - LBI

Nicole and Michael were engaged at the Barnegat Lighthouse on LBI so they wanted their engagement session there. So we met up a little bit before sunset today, and we had a really great time! The weather today was just spectacular, and even though the sand was still a bit cold between our feet, it was a taste of summer!

Here are a few photos from today!

Wedding Wire Reviews

To all my most recent clients - if you have a moment please post a review on my Wedding Wire

You will receive a thank-you gift for posting ;)

Just a quick note...

Since I am going to be moving to the Philadelphia area in approximately 2-3 weeks, (and we have yet to find a place to live! ah!) and with everything else going on (weddings, boudoir, PhillyTTD, life) my response time and turn-around time might be affected temporarily - things might take a little bit longer because there are just a ton more distractions right now with moving and everything.

Of course I will do my best to keep up with everything but please please bear with me for the next month or so! I will try to post often so you are all up to date with what's happening, but if you don't hear from me for a while - I'm still very much here, just insanely busy! And then once I'm moved and settled in I will have a bunch more exciting announcements, I have lots and lots of plans for Philadelphia! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boudoir - Color

And I'll post some color images as well. So far I have permission to post these, more coming soon! (and I think I just figured out how to post these a little bigger on the blog!)

These two were taken at the Lambertville House, in Lambertville, NJ.

Boudoir - Vintage Sepia

Here are some more recent boudoir photos. I really like the sepia/vintage look so these few are in that style.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My trusty sidekick - Kelly

I honestly cannot imagine doing a wedding all by myself. It is just so important to have someone there that I can rely on, and who will be able to capture a different point of view to provide even better coverage!

Kelly has been my primary assistant for over a year now, and she has been really great to work with. She has been my second pair of eyes, arms and legs, carrying my stuff when necessary, running to grab a memory card or battery, adjusting the bride's veil or dress, holding flowers etc - you name it! It would be nearly impossible to do all the different off-camera lighting techniques without her. Most of the day, though, she is shooting photos - and really great ones at that! We often separate so that one of us can get photos of the groom getting ready. We usually split up before the ceremony so one of us can get those really emotional moments right before the bride goes down the aisle, while the other is in front getting photos of everyone coming down the aisle.

We both really love weddings and we enjoy each and every one of them - that is always my first requirement when talking with potential assistants. Sure, you need to know how to take photos, but you must LOVE weddings.

Kelly lives in the Jersey Shore area, and is engaged to be married in June 2009 (I can't wait to photograph her wedding!). She graduated from William Patterson University with a bachelors degree in fine art with a concentration in photography.

Here are some shots of Kelly from the past year!

And here is just a tiny sampling of Kelly's work -

I love this photo of Kim and her father right before they walked down the aisle.

a great detail shot from the same wedding

Lindsey's mom helping her with her dress - I was in the front getting the other side of the story

another emotional "right before the ceremony" moment with Jennifer and her dad

And just a few more: