Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Photos

One of my favorite thing about family photo sessions is being able to capture the small simple moments, the warmth and closeness of a family. Here are a few more from a recent beach session.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I have the best clients!

Super nice card from Audrey and Jon Thanks guys!

Another thunderstorm!

So how awesome was that storm yesterday? I used the opportunity to train my dog, and I thought I'd post an update.

I actually took him outside, and we stood on the porch watching the rain and I used the Dog Whisperer technique to have him basically sit through even the most earth-shattering thunderclaps. He was really freaked out at first after a little while he he just sat calmly. I kept reassuring him with my voice and of course he got extra treats and hugs. And he was calm for the remainder of the storm!! It was pretty unbelievable.

Of course this might not work with all dogs but it just seems like for our dog, when he is exposed to whatever he is scared of, and when we use the calm "pack leader" mentality and just keep him calm and submissive, he gets used to it and then it doesn't bother him anymore.

This is the Dog Whisperer segment that has helped with our dog
Dog Whisperer - Kane

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mailing List

Thinking about joining the mailing list? This is definitely the time to do it. The past few days I have met with some really creative individuals and have set a couple really interesting things in motion. In the next few months some really cool announcements are coming up.

And don't worry, I promise you will not get inundated with email newsletters or anything like that, only announcements, and just one or two every few months.

Mailing list members will be the first to know about upcoming projects.

Sign Up Here

And have a great weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last night's thunderstorm

I love thudnerstorms, I think they are really an amazing display of power and I love watching lightning. But you know what I do NOT love???? Our 90-pound dog crying, shaking and jumping on the bed all night because he is afraid of thunder and lightning.

Poor Mastodon looked like he was seconds away from a heart attack and there was nothing we could do to calm him down for HOURS!!

He is a rescue and he might have been abused before we got him so he used to be very skittish and afraid of EVERY little sound. Now he is still nervous around the vacuum cleaner like most dogs, and he goes into a full blown panic attack at the faintest sign of an approaching thunderstorm.

Cars, trucks, people, other dogs, etc - he got used to it all since they are around all the time. People are amazed at how good he is on his walks these days. Cesar Millan would be proud!!

But the thunderstorm at night thing - that is a problem. Any ideas on how to get a dog used to the loud sound of thunder???

(and yes, he is just fine today, I think he's going to sleep all day to make up for the stressful night, and I wish I could do the same :P)

PS. As I posted this, I heard thunder. Oh man. Not again! This poor dog! At least it's daytime, I can turn up my music to drown out the sound outside.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Van Brunt family - Beach Shoot

I met Dawn about a year ago at the Atlantic City Trash The Dress event, and we have kept in touch here and there through our blogs - so I was really happy and honored to photograph her family yesterday. Dawn, her husband Eric, and sons Gavin and Noah, were really fun to photograph and I was glad to finally meet the family I've been reading about!

Here are a few photos of Eric and Gavin goofing around!

And a few more:

Noah getting sandblasted courtesy of his brother:

And a few of the whole family:

Summer and John - Night-time Beach Engagement

I wanted something different for Summer and John's engagement session in Long Branch, NJ. We met up in Pier Village, where the couple spent a lot of time when they were dating. We started when the sun was just about gone, and ended at almost 10 p.m. We really got some unique photos and were super excited to be able to get a huge bonfire in the background of some of the shots.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The "almost-kiss"

one of my favorite moments to capture - sooo romantic


I recently heard a pretty frightening story from a bride. A friend of hers hired a photographer from craigslist who was not insured. Her reception venue, which required liability insurance, did not allow her photographer into the building!

Could you imagine???

Most venues require liability insurance and if your photographer doesn’t carry it, the venue can and will stop the photographer from working on their property.

I cannot stress enough that in this industry you very much get what you pay for. Make sure you hire professionals for your wedding! Professional photographers carry at least $1 million in liability insurance. It’s one way of finding out who’s a top notch pro and who’s a “weekend warrior”.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank YOU!

Awww I received a Thank-You note from Brooke and Jim today and it was just so nice that I had to share it. This is the kind of stuff that really just makes my day.

When Brooke first contacted me they did not have a date set yet, but they were hoping for June 2008. So I gave her two of my available dates in June and they chose one of those dates for their wedding! That really means a lot that they cared about photography so much that they chose their wedding date based on my availability! And I'm so glad that they love their photos :)

And the inside of the envelope matches my decor lol!

(seriously my fat cat has THE LIFE)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Angela and Joe - Wedding - Cape May Congress Hall

I did something different for this blog post. Instead of just posting photos, I had one of my assistants videotape parts of the day so that you get to see not only the photos but also how I got them! And a few random fun moments throughout the day.

This was my first time trying something like this and it was really fun and it's hilarious to see myself on film, I'm a huge nerd, and my mannerisms (which I didn't even know I had), are funny to see. So THIS is what you all see at your weddings haha.

This is also my first try at video editing. I am not by any means a video professional.

The wedding went soooo well - everyone was just beautiful and wonderful and it was the best weather - warm and almost no humidity. And I did something new at the reception too and I'll be posting some photos of that shortly (*Updated with photos below!*). For now - enjoy the BEHIND THE SCENES of Angela and Joe's wedding!

(to see it bigger go HERE or on Youtube Here)

And - the reason that I had two assistants instead of one at this wedding, is because I wanted to make sure we have sufficient coverage at the reception while one of us operates the Photo Station! What is a Photo Station?? Well, I brought a black backdrop, set it up in an adjoining room, and guests could come up at any time and get their photo taken - serious, silly, whatever - kind of like a photo booth.

This was a GREAT way to get fun photos of guests - without pressure or interrupting them at their tables. It was a great success and I would love to do this at more weddings.

If you are interested in adding a third photographer and the Photo Station to your wedding coverage, let me know and we can discuss it! There is an extra charge since I need to hire an extra assistant for the day, and we need to make sure it's okay with your reception venue and that there is room to set it up. I do not want to interfere with the reception or be in the way of anything, but if you can do it, it's totally worth it! SOOOO FUN!

The bride's sister, Lisa, was a huge fan of the Photo Station and kept bringing people back to take pictures, and they got funnier as the night went on, I loved it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Officially a Pennsylvanian!

Well, after many hours at the DMV, auto tag place, inspection, and phone tag with the auto glass place to fix my windshield - I am finally an official PA resident with a PA license woohoo!

Tomorrow I will be photographing Angela and Joe's wedding in Cape May! I am looking forward to a beautiful day at the beach. The weather report is calling for lower humidity so I hope it's true!

I will be finishing up a bunch of boudoir, maternity, family portrait and and engagement sessions over the weekend and into early next week so if you're waiting for your photos, hold tight, they are on the way.

Have a great weekend!


I just found out that someone I recently had the priveledge of photographing, the grandfather of a bride-to-be, has passed away. I am in tears :(

I am heartbroken that I will not see her grandparents together at the wedding. They were together 58 years.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm here!

I know I've been unusually quiet - but I'm alive and well - I'm here working hard to process everyone's images. This has been a really busy season so far and it's only the beginning. I have really been pushing myself to try new things, with posing, lighting, angles, to keep things fresh. Thinking outside the box. Going stale is not an option. After 5 years of photographing weddings it's easy to get complacent but that is just out of the question for me. I'm also experimenting with some new processing to make each wedding's photos really unique. It takes time, but I really think it's well worth it to get artistic images!

This weekend I will be photographing Angela and Joe's wedding at the Congress Hall in Cape May - that is one of my favorite places to shoot and I know it will be a lot of fun - so I am super excited!

(Congress Hall's gorgeous reception room - from a wedding I shot back in 2005)

Alright back to work! :) Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I have been working every weekend so we really haven't had time to really settle in our new place or paint etc. This weekend we did quite a bit of work - it was exhausting but I am really pleased with the result.

I leave you with this photo of my re-finished studio (a.k.a. my living room) - where you can view an awesome DVD slideshow of images, look through all my new sample albums, and sip on a mojito or coffee when you come meet me to chat about your wedding. I wish I took a before shot of this room because it was just so drab and boring - and now it's totally "us". And the exposed brick is pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

It's *almost* done - just need a few accent chairs... that will come soon enough

And of course, Mastodon always steals the show

We used Freshaire paint in the whole place. Highly recommended.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Brooke and Jim - Casona in Collingswood

Here are a few more of my faves from Brooke and Jim's wedding

This wedding was on the hottest day of the year - and Brooke was the coolest bride - totally chill and laid back. They were both really fun to be with that day actually. It was was a pretty unique wedding location and a great day all around.